Our Approach


We provide custom solutions by first understanding the specific needs of the business domain and then tailoring the solution to these needs.

Typical project lifecycle goes through five major stages outlined below:

  • Discovery
  • Preliminary Analysis
  • System Design
  • Development
  • Implementation and Support

At every stage we seek feedback from business at every milestone of the project as we consider our work a Collaborative Development effort to ensure that the final solution meets all the requirements.

Discovery Stage

We begin with discovery work to obtain domain knowledge, learn about specifics of business processes and operations. At this stage we work with you to understand your general business needs, make an initial determination of possible solution approaches, and discuss the opportunities, as well as challenges.

Preliminary Analysis Stage

Detailed analysis of the solution requirements and available data sources are studied at this stage. In this phase, we will focus more on understanding the detail requirements of your business problem. The requirements will be gathered, documented, and analyzed. Necessary data sources to be used in the new solution must be identified. Depending on complexity of the problem a small Proof of Concept (POC) prototype may be built prior to implementing the final solution in this stage.

System Design Stage

In this phase, we will create guidelines for the detailed design of the solution . We also study inputs and outputs of the system, we will work on integration of our system with your IT systems. Depending on the problem complexity, this stage might consist of choosing a new environment (hardware and software), customizing an existing application, developing custom software applications or combination of any of these steps.

Development Stage

During Development stage, we will create final model of the solution, run the model using real business data, validate with business partners solution outputs. Several iterations of fine-tuning of models might be necessary until we reach to desirable outcome. At this stage we may work work with you to quantify the value and impact of the proposed solution.

Implementation and Support

Depending on the scope of the system, we may implement the solution ourselves, or work with your IT department to integrate the developed solutions into your enterprise system. This stage includes project handover which covers training of business analysts, final tuning of the solution, and monitoring of results for several months.

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